STROLZ your custom ski boot - PERFECT FIT GUARANTEE

Der Skischuh, der individuell an deinen Fuß angepasst wird.

For many years, we have been focusing on quality and producing custom-fit ski boots from the world's only ski boot manufacturer STROLZ.


  •     After a precise foot analysis, we determine the STROLZ ski boot model suitable for your type of skier.
  •     Then we make a custom insole for the new boot.
  •     After that, we adapt the handmade leather inner boot and the ski boot shell to the shape and anatomy of your feet.
  •     The "foaming in" with 2-component foam forms the conclusion of the fine-tuning and takes about 60 minutes.

Simply make an appointment with our specialists. If you make an appointment in time, we will make your personal ski boot in just one day!